New training – Being a lawyer in times of constitutional reckoning

The organizers have provided 27 free-of-charge seats for conference and workshop participants. Qualification to the group of 27 aplicants, whose costs of participation in the training will be covered by the organizers, will be determined by the order of applications meeting formal requirements. Applicants are invited Explore More

New event – Les défis de la confiance mutuelle et de la coopération judiciaire dans le cadre du mandat d’arrêt européen

Cette formation entend approfondir les connaissances des magistrats sur le mandat d’arrêt européen et explorer les défis de la confiance mutuelle et de la coopération judiciaire dans le contexte du mandat d’arrêt européen par une approche pratique. Chaque exposé sera suivi d’un temps pour les Explore More

New event – Revisiting judicial independence, impartiality and accountability in the context of emerging European standards

On 31 March and 1 April Maastricht University is organizing a Cross-border training inviting judges, magistrates and legal professionals to join the discussion and assess the strengths and weaknesses of their own system of judicial appointments, the functioning of their respective Councils of the Judiciary Explore More

New publication – The Practice of Judicial Interaction in the Field of Fundamental Rights

Featuring practical cases of judicial interactions between European and national courts, the contributions in this book analyse the multi-dimensional impact of a wide array of judicial interaction techniques such as the preliminary reference procedure, consistent interpretation, comparative reasoning, mutual recognition and disapplication. Constructed in an Explore More