The CJC Database gathers all the case-law selected during the JUDCOOP and ACTIONES, e-NACT and TRIIAL projects by the CJC’ expert team in collaboration with the national experts of the projects’ partners.

It contains cases originating from over 19 jurisdictions, both from the project partner organisations and other EU jurisdictions. For each selected case, the project team prepared a case-note, whose format ensures that the Database can:

  • act as a practical tool able to improve the understanding and use of Judicial Interaction Techniques (‘JITs’) and the scope and application of the EU Charter;
  • extend cooperation to judges and academics who did not take part in the Project’s activities

What can be found in the Database?

On the right side of the page, one can see the list of case-notes that are uploaded in the Database, whereas on the left side a research-key menu may be found. All cases in the Database are clustered according to the relevant research keys.

The Database is freely accessible. Anyone interested can easily access it.