Don’t knock on the wrong door: CharterClick! A user-friendly tool to detect violations falling within the scope of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights.

From 2 February 2015 until 31 January 2017, the Centre was involved as partner in the DG Justice supported project

The project, coordinated by Prof. Adelina Adinolfi from the University of Florence, contributed to contrast the sense of frustration that victims of fundamental rights violations experience when, owing to the lack of knowledge on the Charter, they rely on it in cases outside its scope of application and a national court (or the European Court of Justice) says that the Charter cannot be of help to them.

To this end, the project set up a freely accessible on-line platform where victims of fundamental rights violations, their representatives and national judges will find a set of tools to establish easily whether a claim falls within the scope of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. In particular, the Project team developed:

  • an Admissibility Checklist, modelled on the checklist related to the ECHR, aimed at detecting cases falling inside or outside the scope of the Charter;
  • Database containing a selection of cases drawn from the case law of the Union and national courts, and from the practice of national human rights bodies (in particular, equality bodies and ombudspersons), which will complement the Admissibility Checklist by exemplifying situations where the Charter can or cannot apply;
  • a document containing Practical Guidelines on the application of the Charter;
  • Document on the Best Practices of those representing victims of fundamental rights as regards the identification of claims falling within the scope of the Charter.