Best Interest of the Child

The EU Charter contributed towards the shaping of the best interests of the child in situations that fall within the scope of EU law. At present, considerations relating to the protection of children’s rights emerge, and are taken into account, in many fields of action of the European Union, from the internal market and free movement law to judicial cooperation in civil and criminal matters, migration and asylum law, just to mention the most prominent examples.

A comprehensive analysis is not the scope of this training materials, they are rather focused on a range of topical issues that concern children protection and where the Charter is or may be of particular relevance to national courts and lawyers.

Training Materials

Handbook on the Techniques of Judicial Interactions in the Application of the EU Charter

Online Training Courses

Children's Rights in the EU Charter

Children’s Rights in the EU Charter

The course takes learners across the general presentation of the varieties of contexts where children’s rights emerge. In doing so, it builds on the guiding principle of the best interest of the child both in the EU and international context. The online course is available in English and in French.

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