Online Dispute Resolution for E-Justice – Call for papers

in conjunction with the 19th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Law (ICAIL2023)

June 19, 2023, Braga, Portugal, University of Minho

ODR E-Justice – International workshop on Online Dispute Resolution for E-Justice organised in the framework of the e-Justice ODR scheme project (G.A. 101046468)  will be a hybrid event held on Monday, June 19th at the University of Minho, Braga, Portugal, in conjunction with the 19th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Law (ICAIL 2023).


The purpose of the workshop is to discuss the different layers of existing and potential ODR /e-justice systems to provide a broad theoretical, comparative and practical outlook on the subject. The existing diversity of the adopted approaches, methods and techniques and the experience gathered so far in connection with the developed tools and relevant legal regulation call for a more unified methodological perspective.

The workshop is organised in the frame of the DG Justice supported  project, titled “E-justice ODR Scheme”. This project is led by the European University Institute and involves the  institutions where the workshop co-organizers work. The purpose of the project is to develop an open, general and adaptable semi-specification of an ODR system using open digital mapping of standard e-justice ODR processes and standard or semi-standard digital tools (e.g. BPMN tools) to warrant a more standardised approach concerning the development of various ODR tools.

We are inviting submissions that concern the current issues of ODR and E-justice, including but not limited to:

  • the basic conceptual schemes, knowledge representation and ontology engineering for the development of ODR systems, including process modeling (such as BPMN and others);
  • reasoning mechanisms (logic-based, rule-based, case-based, argumentation-based, hybrid ones) for ODR systems;
  • support systems and decision support systems for the processes of negotiations, mediation, arbitration as well as for judicial proceedings;
  • the use of AI methods in the development and operation of the ODR systems, including but not limited to generative ML/NLP methods;
  • data governance, management and processing in connection of the ODR systems development and operation;
  • ethical and legal challenges, constraints and implications related to the particular types of systems and classes of cases resolved with their support or via (semi-)automated processes, with particular focus on ethical issues concerning access to justice of people belonging to vulnerable or disadvantaged groups.

Workshop Structure

The workshop is scheduled as a full day event and will be composed of four modules (see the provsional agenda here):

  1. presentation and discussion concerning ODR E-Justice Scheme project;
  2. a keynote lecture by Amy Schmitz on “ODR through the Lens of Access to Justice”; 
  3. presentation of approximately 8 peer-reviewed papers (30 minutes slot including discussion per each);
  4. a roundtable concerning the discussion of specific issues related to the current state and the most pressing future lines of work related to the development of ODR systems.

Important Dates

Submission deadlineMay 8th, May 21st 2023
Notification of acceptanceMay 26th, May 31st 2023
Camera-Ready Papers Submission DeadlineJune 16th, 2023
WorkshopJune 19th, 2023

Submission guidelines

Papers should not be longer than 12 pages. We also also invite the submission of short papers (6 pages) and extended abstracts (2 pages). The submissions should be formatted along the above CEUR Workshop Proceedings guidelines. The one column version should be used.

Only original and previously unpublished work may be submitted to the workshop.

Please submit your paper within the deadline (May 8th, May 21st 2023) to the Easy Chair installation

Organizing Committee / Contacts

Michał Araszkiewicz  – Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Poland

Federica Casarosa – European University Institute, Florence, Italy

Davide Carneiro – Polytechnic  of Porto, Portugal

Zbynek Loebl – PRK Partners, Czech Republic

Hans Micklitz – European University Institute, Florence, Italy

Yashar Saghai – University of Twente, the Netherlands

Program Committee (tbe)

Araszkiewicz Michał
Carneiro Davide
Casarosa Federica
Loebl Zbynek
MIcklitz Hans
Saghai Yashar