New webinar – Judging Judges: Judicial Accountability Standards under EU Law

This event is dedicated to discussing recent case law from the CJEU and the ECtHR on judicial accountability standards, the challenges faced by national courts on applying these standards, and whether and how judicial interactions can assist the enforcement of the rule of law in Europe. The first speaker will discuss the scope and limits of the freedom of speech of judges through the lens of ECtHR case law. The second speaker, a former civil judge will address the challenges faced by Polish courts in ensuring the respect of CJEU standards on disciplinary sanctions against the judiciary in Poland.  The third presentation will focus on defamation lawsuits brought by judges and respective ECtHR case law against Portugal for violation of freedom of expression. The final presentation will look at the future and consider two pending preliminary rulings sent by Romanian courts concerning disciplinary sanctions and civil liability of judges adopted in the context of controversial reforms of the Romanian judicial system: what role can the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism (CVM) established at the time of Romania’s accession to the European Union play in the fight for justice and rule of law? Moreover, which ECtHR caselaw should inspire the CJEU in the currently pending cases on the Romanian justice system reform.

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