TRIIAL 2 – TRust, Independence, Impartiality and Accountability of Legal professionals under the EU Charter

The TRust, Independence, Impartiality and Accountability of judges safeguarding the rule of Law under the EU Charter (TRIIAL) project is a DG Justice supported project that provides training activities and tools for judges, lawyers, prosecutors, and other legal professionals in areas of salient importance for the application of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights (CFR):





It will run from 1 February 2023 until 31 July 2025. It will offer 12 transnational workshops for legal practitioners, the calendar will soon be published. The topics of the transnational workshop will be the following:

1. Enforcing the Rule of Law through Judicial Interaction Techniques

2. The Rule of Law Requirements of Judicial Self-Government: the Role of Judicial Councils and Court  Presidents

3. Mutual Trust, Judicial Independence and Judicial Cooperation in Asylum 

4. Freedom of Expression and Association of Judges – a Cross-Border Judicial Dialogue

5. Mutual Trust, Judicial Independence of Prosecutors in the EAW framework

6. Freedom of Expression and Association of Prosecutors – a Cross-Border Judicial Dialogue

7. Are National Higher Courts Securing Fundamental Rights? Litigation Techniques towards Implementation  of EU Acquis on RoL and Fundamental Rights

8. Disciplinary Proceedings and Judicial Ethics

9. The Role of Lawyers in the Promotion of Judicial Independence, Mutual Trust and Rule of Law – Litigation Strategies before Judicial and Quasi-Judicial Bodies

10. Fundamental Rights and the Use of the Preliminary Reference Procedure

11. Judicial Dialogue and Freedom of Expression of Lawyers

12. Rule of Law and Predictive Justice

The TRIIAL 2 Project is a continuation of the successfully concluded TRIIAL project and aims at assisting legal practitioners in the response to rule of law challenges. It addresses the priority of supporting judicial trainings of justice professionals with the aim of building public trust in the profession of judges to sustain their position.

The following specific objectives are at the heart of the project:

1) raising awareness about the impact that judicial interaction techniques have in the implementation of the fundamental rights’ legal framework, particularly CFR;

2) improving the ability of legal practitioners to promote rule of law through the application of the EU fundamental legal framework to their everyday work;

3) fostering national cross-sectoral cooperation in the implementation of EU fundamental rights legal framework in the promotion of the rule of law;

4) building trust, legitimacy, dialogue, accountability of the judiciary.

The national and European caselaw selected within the framework of the project can be accessed at the CJC Database



Halmai, Gabor

TRIIAL Project Coordinator & Full-time Professor at the EUI Department of Law

Tel. [+39] 055 4686 401 (Int. 3401)

Office: Villa Salviati - Castle, SACA206

Fields of interest: Comparative constitutional law / International human rights law / Globalization of constitutionalism / Constitutional-making in democratic transitions / Comparative judicial review / Transitional constitutionalism and transitional justice / Religious rights / Freedom of expression

Administrative Assistant: Anna Christine Di Biase

Casarosa, Federica

Part-time Professor

Tel. [+39] 055 4685 534 (Int. 2534)

Office: Convento, SD023

Fields of interest:

  • New media law and regulation
  • Child protection in the media sector

Moraru, Madalina

Part-time Assistant Professor

Fields of interest:

  • The law and policies of EU external relations
  • Fundamental rights
  • Judicial cooperation and treatment of asylum seekers and refugees
  • Public international and comparative law

Airaghi, Elisabetta

Project Manager

Tel. [+39] 055 4685 599

Office: Villa Malafrasca, VM009


Advisory Board

  • Petros Alikakos, European Judicial Training Network
  • Markus Thoma, European Association of Administrative Judges
  • Paulie Girerd, Ecole National de Magistrature
  • Mariarosaria Guglielmi, MEDEL
  • Dragoş Călin, Asociaţia Forumul Judecătorilor din România
  • Laura Carlson, European Women Lawyers Association

Network of experts

This project was funded by the European Union’s Justice Programme (2014-2020).